Polishing the Metagame

This week was mostly spent on polish and bugfixing. One thing that really needed some polish was the secrets system. A few months back, I worked on some alternative ball styles, but wasn’t sure how to expose them to the player. I settled on a secrets system, where there are 20 or so “secret” pickups that are hidden throughout the game, which rewards exploration. In playtesting though, these were hidden well enough that most were never found.


I decided that the best way to solve this without just giving them to the player outright would be to show some of the styles in the menu (greyed out when not found yet), along with which level they are located in. There are some extra styles hidden that aren’t in the menu at all as well, but this should at least give a good clue as to where to look, so players don’t need to waste time searching every single nook and cranny of the entire game.

One thought on “Polishing the Metagame”

  1. Looks pretty awesome, I adore this kind of “Marble Madness” games. I definitely will buy your game when it comes out. Keep going the good work!


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